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I am an artist, I live, breathe and sleep art. I wake up at

4 am every day and after making a cup of tea, I draw.

 I basically hit the ground drawing!

As you can see from this website, my work is in multiple mediums. Painting, Porcelain, Watercolor, (in my Fearless Felt Watercolors Journals), Drawings and recently I have been participating in Urban Sketching.

 One of my goals is to inspire people to create art. It is what makes us HUMAN! We have a built in, undeniable need to create, and we always have. From the earliest people, we have made things, decorated our dwellings, put circles, dots and lines on the objects of daily use and sketched on cave walls. We have to!

I have more paintings and ceramics in my studio, this is just a sample. If you are interested in seeing more work, please email me at eileen@goldenbergdesigns.com



New Way to View and purchase my art for 2020.


 All of my shows have been cancelled for 2020.


Please contact me to get a virtual studio tour by Video Call! I can show you Paintings, Ceramics, Watercolor Bowls and Sketchbooks. Pay by paypal and I will ship to you..

If you live in the SF Bay area we can arrange a curbside pick up at my studio. This has been working great!

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San Francisco, CA 

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