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Watercolor Artist Bowl / White Ice

Watercolor Artist Bowl / White Ice

SKU: WBwhite

From a customer..“I was thrilled to receive a surprise gift from my sister of a watercolor bowl by Eileen Goldenberg. This bowl is a beautiful and very useful tool for any painter. And I could tell, even with my limited self-taught painting experience of less than 5 years, that this bowl was made by a painter. It has a couple of surprise features. One is the rim of the bowl which has 3 resting areas for brushes. The bowl’s interior has a spiral which begins at the center and goes up the sides. This texturizing as I’ll call it, is the perfect area to use to rinse your brush very thoroughly. Another detail on the rim of the bowl is that its not glazed with a gloss finish but with a more matte finish, therefore your brushes aren’t going to slip off their rests. And finally, the first day I used the bowl, I found another surprise, which is two channels on the outside bottom rim which hold brushes while the pot dries upside down, or helps water drain after washing. I really love the glaze applied as well. Mine is blue with a really wonderful texture, and not only is it beautifully applied, but it adds a little grippy texture to hopefully avoid ever dropping it. I really really do love it and I know its going to be in my studio forever.”

Dishwasher safe. Free Brush and Free shipping in USA.

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