" Modify Pilot Parallel Pens"

" Modify Pilot Parallel Pens"


This class will be at the San Francisco International PEN Show!! Located at Grand Bay San Francisco Bay Hotel, 223 Twin Dolphin Dr., Redwood City, CA 94065, Sat., Aug 27, 2-3:30

In this FUN class we will try out a few different sizes of modified Pilot Parallel pens. Then I will teach you how to change the shape of the nib to get line variation and a more comfortable sketching position.

Class will be 1.5 hours and $95. 

If you are in San Francisco, I would suggest you go to Arch Art Supply to purchase pens, at 1490 17th Street. They also have an excellent selection of sketchbooks, ink and many other art supplies. You can also purchase sets of 4 or all 6 sizes on Amazon.

Supply list:

Sketchbook/paper to try out pens and do some sketching or calligraphy.

Sandpaper: grade 180, 220 and 600, one sheet each

Small cup or container for water to rinse nib 8-10 oz

Paper towels