Watercolor Artist Bowl, Jade Green. 5-6"x 3-3.5"

Watercolor Artist Bowl, Jade Green. 5-6"x 3-3.5"

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"Eileen’s watercolor bowls are perfect! They hold my brushes full of paint and I don’t lose them in the pile of paper towels. I use two watercolor bowls so I have clean water for washes and another to rinse my brushes. That way I have 6 brushes ready to paint! " Joan, professional watercolor artist.


The Watercolor Bowl is about 5-6" across. These bowls are thrown in a loose manner so they have a live feeling to them. The rim has three sets of notches to hold three brushes. This prevents them from rolling off and keeps them handy when you are painting. The bowls come with a FREE brush and are dishwasher safe! Perfect for your studio and a great gift for your favorite artist. FREE SHIPPING within USA

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