Expressive Sketching with Fountain Pens. FREE PEN!

Expressive Sketching with Fountain Pens. FREE PEN!

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This IN PERSON Class, "Expressive Sketching with Fountain Pens" Sunday, Nov 14 , 9-11 am, will show you many ways to use your fountain pens as a drawing tool. There are many types of nibs, inks and paper, the possibilities are endless. We will try a few different pens to see how they feel. Various paper samples will be provided.

I will show you some basic concepts of drawing: line, shape, shadows, etc. and show how to add color to your sketch. We will try some sketches of objects and the room.

Please bring:

  • Sketchbook (watercolor paper would be great) or the paper you like, to try out pens.
  • Your fountain pens to class, (if you have some.)
  • If you want to try using watercolor, bring your palette, brushes and water container.
  • I suggest using Platinum Carbon Black ink, which is permanent.

This class is in a studio in San Francisco. Hours are 9am-11am( approx). I will be sending the location as we get closer to the date.

I make sketchbooks with excellent Fabriano Watercolor paper and 100% wool felt covers. I will bring a few of my Fearless Felt Watercolor Sketchbooks to class.

You will receive a FREE Pen with this class.