Array 501 , 12"x12"x2"

Array 501 , 12"x12"x2"

SKU: Array5011212

A delightfull, sensitive piece in the Array series, The translucent surface begs for a closer look. Your friends will be very impressed. White with some blue and pink.

  • Care

    Encaustic is one of the most archival and ancient mediums used to create art. The surface of these paintings is hardened by the addition of Damar resin which is melted along with the beeswax. If it gets fingerprints, etc., just polish with a soft cloth. Do not use any liquid cleaner. Do not store below 40 degrees or over 100 degrees. If a painting gets chipped you can ship it to me( with return postage) for a free repair, please send the chip as well.

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